Emily’s Suite

Emilys Room Header

Last month Emily Moon underwent a major facelift and she has never looked so marvelous! Each one of our suites has been thoughtfully designed and themed according to a character in the Emily Moon story. Over the next couple of months we will be introducing you to each personality, along with their room.

It would be fitting to showcase Emily’s Room first, the heroine of our lodge’s story and one of our luxurious honeymoon suites, complete with a spacious living area, appointed bathroom, fireplace, viewing deck and outside shower.

The two sisters were born almost two years apart, in a big house overlooking the Odzi River. Their family farm was found in the main tobacco belt, 120 miles from Fort Salisbury, on the road to Bira – a small holiday town where the family went every year, usually just after the main tobacco sales.

It was always odd how close the sisters were, yet so different. The lure of the bright lights always appealed to Katy, and the quietness of the family farm and its myriad of wildlife always gave Emily great comfort. Growing to love and understand the wildness and beauty of Africa at a young age, she became an avid campaigner for its protection, and could easily understand if the plunder of Africa continued unabated, there would be disastrous effects.

Armed with her precious paints, brushes and small easel, Emily would wander off down to the banks of the Odzi River and paint and sketch for hours, dreaming of the camera her father promised to order if the tobacco prices were good that year.

The whole family loved their monthly outings to Salisbury, all squeezing into the old Hilman, climbing over the Christmas pass and down into the growing city, Katy eagerly wanting to spy out the latest fashion trends and Emily rushing off to talk to old man Burgess. He was almost reclusive but always happy to see her in his funny art shop at the bottom end of town.

It was partly because of Burgess that many years later Emily found herself in Stone Town, his wondrous stories of East Africa, its people, and massive migrations of millions of wildebeests and zebras drew Emily into the wildness of Africa.

In Emily’s mind, Zanzibar was just a place to rest for a couple of weeks and regroup, perhaps she would set up a dark room to develop some of her pictures. After all, they did have some distant relatives here on the colonial side.

How easy it is to get lost here Emily thought as she wandered through the maze of alleyways in Stone Town, hoping to find the entrance to the Dhow Palace. It was then that she noticed him again, the same man from the habour who had insisted on helping her with her bags. Quickening her pace and rounding the corner she felt a tug on her precious camera bag, turning around and tightening her grip, she screamed at the thief, trying to explain to him that their was nothing of value to be had in her bag. Suddenly there he was, grabbing the assailant and delivering a series of quick punches, knocking the thief to the ground before he scrambled away as fast as his legs would carry him.

Before Emily knew what was happening she found herself on the balcony of Emerson’s Hotel, a cold tusker in hand, with Harry… soon lost in the blueness of his eyes.

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