Yoga Retreat | May 2016

Yoga and Health Retreat Emily Moon Plett 2016 (1 of 1)

This May, Emily Moon becomes the backdrop to your tale of both escape and mindfulness. We are excited to announce that we will holding a Yoga & Relaxation Retreat from the 13 – 16 May 2016! (Click here for more info) Imagine 3 days of luxury, yoga, meditation, relaxation and exploration!

Last August Eve Cunard lead our first Yoga & Health Retreat to celebrate Women’s Day. Eve trained as a yoga teacher in the UK, her practice shaped by the hands of teachers inspired by the late Vanda Scaravelli. Here’s what she had to say about the weekend and what you can expect to experience at our retreat in May!

“At a retreat it is always interesting for me to take a good look at my students when they arrive. I study their facial expressions, observe their body postures and listen carefully to their words. This gives me a sense of the stories, tensions and emotions they are bringing onto their yoga mats. I know this snapshot is often very different at the end of a weekend.

We began with a half hour of breathing on the Friday evening. Paying careful attention to the breath helps students to really inhabit their bodies. They gather their scattered thoughts, condensing their awareness onto a single, continuous process: the breath. At first it is difficult to let go of past memories and future expectations. Their minds are processing the journey, their new surroundings and finally arriving in the present moment.

My students came from Joburg, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, escaping the frenetic city pace to soak up the tranquility of Emily Moon River Lodge. Some of them had visited for lunch in the past but none had ever woken up overlooking the golden reeds of the winding Bitou River.

We celebrated Women’s Day with a Yoga Spa Day on the Saturday. Two hours of yoga focused on loosening our hips, standing our ground to find our strength and feeling the powerful vibrations of sound through bramari, the bumblebee breath. Yoga flowed into treatments, including Integrated Massage Therapy, deep tissue massage, reflexology, shiatsu and Thai Massage. Finally the ladies’ vitalised and pampered bodies were nourished with an elegant lunch prepared by guest chef Rich Rorich in Emily’s Restaurant.

The calm space of The James Room became a sanctuary for yoga over the weekend, with morning and evening classes heated by the warmth of roaring fires. The hills and sky were our backdrop while the exotic décor transported us to another place and time… Zanzibar, Malawi, India… The frantic city world became something distant and forgettable. My students dined on delicious delights at Emily’s Restaurant and slept deeply in the welcome silence.

When they arrived at their final yoga class early on Monday morning, I took a close look at these women again. There was a serenity about their faces, shoulders had released their burdens and limbs were loose and strong. Each of them had a glow, like polished stones. That is the reward of a weekend spent reconnecting with the breath and being patient and gentle with the body. May this be the first of many opportunities to nurture body, mind and spirit at an Emily Moon yoga weekend.”