Bridget: Though delicate in physique, Bridget was always strong in herself, and knew exactly what she wanted in life. Her years as a dancer brought her across the path of Harry, through whom she ended up on the banks of a beautiful river in Africa. And it was here she discovered her life’s true mission Continue reading Bridget’s story

Bernadette: Bernadette and her twin sister Bridget shared so much more than just good genes. And luckily, when their years performing in the follies of Paris were done, their shared passion for the beauty of Harry’s Africa kept them as close as ever… Continue reading Bernadette’s story

As a young Parisian, passionate about dance, Bridget dreamed of one day performing for an adoring audience. Fortunately, her twin sister Bernadette was an equally avid dancer and the two went on to become a sensation in the follies of Paris.

It was while performing one night that Bridget’s life would take an unexpected turn. She was playing in the musical of Dick Wittington and his Cat, and spotted a markedly uncomfortable Harry sitting with his friends Riley and Larry, in one of the booths at the back of the theatre. Even from a distance, she noticed his tanned skin, sharp eyes, and unease. It was plain to see that this place didn’t suit him at all, which Bridget found immensely intriguing.

Interestingly, Harry had also noticed the very gorgeous Bridget. After all, wildest Africa was not the ideal place to meet women – or so he thought. (Little did he know that some years later he would encounter the love of his life, Emily, in the back streets of Stone Town.)

During a brief recess, Bridget grabbed her sister, who happened not to be working that night, asking her to please delay Harry after the show. (The sisters made excellent ‘wing men’ when the necessity arose.) Sure enough, Bernadette played her part like the expert she was, and the three ended up partying the night away. A strong bond formed between them, with Harry enjoying the delights of Bridget, and she teaching him a whole new set of skills which had very little to do with hunting or safaris.

Truth be told, Harry and Bridget’s romance was never made to last, but it was a welcome distraction for Harry who was only in town to deal with his ailing father, Lord Mallard, and to manage his greedy brother.

Nonetheless, from that day on, the twins would regularly join their new friend Harry on safari. They would occasionally find work in the show-starved, wild frontier towns and, although Bridget and Harry’s romance did not endure, their bond of friendship continued to strengthen. When Harry later met and fell in love with Emily, the three ladies were often seen out and about in town, especially if Harry was away hunting. They were even known to gate crash the strictly “men’s-only bar” in the Muthaiga Club in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital.

Having never married, Bridget and her twin would later settle on the banks of the Bitou River. Ever kind and compassionate, Bridget found her true calling working in the local mission hospital. And every day she looked back on the adventures of her life with a smile – and a well-rehearsed skip in her step.

Being a twin, Bernadette and her sister Bridget developed a bond that only twins can, even inventing a secret language of their own – which certainly became useful in the years to come. For Bernadette, dancing was life, and her sister caught on to the same passion early on in life. From a very young age, the two loved to put on a show, choreographed deep in the creative mind of Bernadette. Any visitor who happened to frequent their modest Parisian residence would be roped in to watch their performances.

The twins’ craft developed into fulltime, successful careers and they soon found themselves dancing with the follies in Paris, being wined and dined and of course courted – all part of the heady Parisian nightlife of the time.

It was thanks to Bernadette that Bridget first met Harry, with whom she would enjoy a whirlwind romance, and a lifelong friendship – even after he met his Emily. On a night off for Bernadette (a rarity), her sister caught her during a brief recess and begged her to please distract Harry until they had a chance to meet. When it came to Bridget, Bernadette always struggled to say no. She would do anything to make her sister happy, and, though she had not even noticed the rugged man in the audience, she agreed to help.

Sure enough, just as Harry was about to leave, Bernadette – in a well-practiced maneuver – managed to engage the intriguing man. He was curiously out of place here, far more comfortable standing down a wounded, charging buffalo than talking to Bernadette. Eventually, Bridget finished her performance and joined in the tête-à-tête. One thing led to another, and the trio set out for a wild night of fun and absinthe, an outing from which it would take the robust Harry a full two days to recover.

After a lifetime of dancing and partying, it was inevitable that the twins, who had never really met the men of their dreams, found their way to the banks of the Bitou River. Upon arrival, Bernadette swiftly puts together a dance troop, with the local women from the Xhosa tribe. Her choreography, which infused European-style dance with the rhythms of an African beat, was such an interesting combination that it became the toast of Paris for a while. And so it was that under the care and guidance of Harry, Bernadette and her the twin found perhaps what few people do, a happy place and simple life.

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