Bridget & Bernadette


Being twins, these girls developed a bond only twins can, even inventing a secret language of their own, which certainly became useful in the years to come. For Bridget and Bernadette, dancing was life. From a very early age they loved to put on a show, roping in any visitor, who happened to frequent their modest Parisian residence, to watch their performances.

Their craft developed into fulltime careers and they soon found themselves dancing with the follies in Paris, being wined and dined and of course courted in the heady Parisian nightlife of the time.

It was Bridget who first spotted a markedly uncomfortable Harry sitting with his friends Riley and Larry, in one of the booths at the back of the theatre. At the time, she was playing the character, Dick, in the musical of Dick Wittington’s Cat, and noticed his tanned skin, sharp blue eyes, and unease. It was plain to see this place didn’t suit him at all, and for Bridget it was immensity intriguing. [Read more…]

Hilda & Nora’s Suite

Hilda Nora Emily Moon River Lodge


It was probably the deep need for companionship that drove Hilda into the comforting arms of Nora. She had inherited the farm and grown to love the life it gave her, although not that productive, being just outside the rich loamy soils of the famous southern Rhodesia tobacco belt. They had tried to grow cut flowers for the small southern African markets, but eventually it was easier to rent most of the farm to the Miekle family, who had made their fortune from the first chain of grocery stores and a hotel in what was to become Salisbury and much later Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. [Read more…]

Plett’s Gelato Guru

Dream Land Gelato Emily Moon River Lodge

Some of you sampled our champagne sorbet over New Year’s Eve, and others of may have come undone eating our chocolate fondant paired with pistachio gelato. The smooth, seamless texture of these frozen desserts have left us daydreaming for days! Intrigued by the perfection of our indulgence and (literally) wanting to discover the inside scoop, we visited Plett’s premier gelato maker, Marco, to hear his story and watch him make a morning batch of strawberry gelato. [Read more…]

Tiki & Fari’s Suite

Ticky & Farie-Room-Header-1


Tiki, orphaned early on in life by the busy guns of the greatest slave trader of all time, Tippo Tip, decided in his wisdom that Harry was to be his new master. As a young boy, he spent his days waiting patiently on the stone harbor walls in Zanzibar for Harry’s return from is latest hunting expedition, hoping he would be called upon to offload the large haul of ivory.

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Riley’s Suite


Now here was a natural, with an uncanny ability to smell out the best hunting areas and track down the biggest elephants in the Rift Valley. Harry always tried to steer well clear of areas frequented by this formidable hunter, as the pickings there would be slim.

Born and bred in Africa, life for Riley was never difficult. He loved playing polo in Nairobi, drinking with friends at the Methaga Club or flying his Red Tiger Moth over the Ngorongoro Crater, buzzing low over the heads of the fearless Masai tribesmen as they hopelessly threw their formidable lion spears after the plane. [Read more…]

Larry’s Suite


Not born into money, Larry was a fighter from an early age, a defender of the weak. Boys who knew him soon learned not to fool around with people in Larry’s care. As fate would have it, his progression into the semi professional boxing arena seemed natural.

How may you ask did he then end up in Africa, and join this merry band of hunters and explorers? [Read more…]

Harry’s Suite


Welcome to Harry’s Room, our second honeymoon suite, the first being Emily’s Room which we showcased last week - take a look! Harry discovered the location of Emily Moon, declaring in a secret love letter, “My dearest Emily, I have found paradise…” Legend has it that he still waits for Emily on the banks of the Bitou river.

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Emily’s Suite

Emilys Room Header

Last month Emily Moon underwent a major facelift and she has never looked so marvelous! Each one of our suites has been thoughtfully designed and themed according to a character in the Emily Moon story. Over the next couple of months we will be introducing you to each personality, along with their room.

It would be fitting to showcase Emily’s Room first, the heroine of our lodge’s story and one of our luxurious honeymoon suites, complete with a spacious living area, appointed bathroom, fireplace, viewing deck and outside shower.

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Adventurous Love

emily moon river lodge wedding venue plett page and holmes photography

Emily and Harry’s great African romance touches the hearts of all who visit our river lodge. Their love was forged in the heart and wildness of our great continent and continues today on the banks of the Bitou River over every glass of red wine shared under starry skies, and in every heartwarming toast and “I do”. Read the Legend of Emily Moon

Destination weddings have a unique way of pulling you away from life’s familiar framework into a breathtaking location, a fresh canvas that becomes the backdrop to a new chapter in your life’s great love story. They are extended vacation-like celebrations with the select few who are close, the ones who have stood by you through the exclamation points and question marks of life.
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The River Walk

emily-moon-river-lodge-wedding-venue-plett-page-and-holmes-photography copy“What is the good of your stars and trees, your sunrise and the wind, if they do not enter into our daily lives?” – EM Forster

One of the special side-effects of elopements and destination weddings is the precious pockets of time they open up. As the wedding-noise reduces, swallowed up a celebration’s exclusivity or by a hands-on wedding planner, devoted moments are inevitably shared between couples and/or their loved ones.

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