The youngest of the three siblings was always fiercely protected by his sisters and definitely a favourite in the rambling farmhouse. He had a knack for assembling and fixing machines, a love that would lead to thrill, fame and adventure…. Continue reading James’ story

From an early age, James had a fascination with all things mechanical, driving the tractor from the age of eight with a confidence, not even Tenala its regular driver had.

He was born with his mother’s good looks and father’s athletic ability. He loved playing a sport of any kind and was often found in the local village playing soccer with the farm team, riding the horses in the backcountry, or tracking antelope, often bringing one home for butchering.

It was after meeting Harry that James took over managing the trucks and supply vehicles for the safari and hunting operations, keeping the camps supplied and arranging for all manner of requests from Harry and his sister Emily. When Harry was tasked with collecting specimens for the London Zoo it was James who organized their safe transit to the newly built facility.

It was also James was the first to land a Tiger Moth on African shores. He built a rudimentary airstrip near the lodge in the Bitou Valley and was often seen flying over the bay, watching the great Southern Right and Humpback whales, who arrived to calve and mate in the warmer water.

And so this extended, growing family found a happy place and piece of paradise, in the Bitou Valley, close to the forests and next to the great Indian Ocean, a place that was later to become known as Emily Moon River Lodge.

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