From the outside, it seemed that Larry had been given a few lucky breaks in his life. But truth be told, it was hard work, courage and gritty determination that earned him each of those breaks. He was just the man Harry had been looking for to join his band of merry men… Continue reading Larry’s story

Not born into money, Larry was a fighter from an early age, a defender of the weak. Boys who knew him soon learned not to fool around with anyone in Larry’s care. Perhaps for this reason, his progression into London’s semi-professional boxing arena seemed natural. As fate would have it, he also had the right build, a strong mental ability, and focus – all of which served him well in ascending the ranks on his chosen path.
How, you may ask, did Larry then end up in Africa, so far from his homeland. And how did he come to join Harry’s band of hunters and explorers?

It started with a little hearsay whispered in the alleyways and bars around town. Rumour had it that on the goldfields of the Transvaal at the time bare-knuckle boxing was the sport of the miners. And that, with cash to spare lining the pockets of those in the frontier towns, large wagers were placed on the outcome of these bloody bouts. Upon hearing this news, Larry made up his mind and packed what few belongings he had. He did the crossing to Africa, traveling in steerage on the first available mail ship, then trekked from the port of Mombasa South, crossed the Zambezi and Limpopo Rivers and eventually ended up on the gold fields of the Transvaal, as it was known at the time.

It was not long before Larry made a name for himself as a willing and wily bare-knuckle contender. But the life of such a fighter was a short one, and before any signs of punch-drunkenness set in, Larry had the foresight to call it a day. He responded to an advert placed in the local paper for a security manager with a local safari and hunting company. Employment came quickly. Harry (Emily’s lover) took an instant liking to this robust Londoner, and their working relationship slowly drifted into a lifelong friendship.

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