Bridgette & Bernadette's Suite

Though delicate in physique, Bridget was always strong in herself and knew exactly what she wanted in life. Her years as a dancer brought her across the path of Harry, through whom she ended up on the banks of a beautiful river in Africa. And it was here she discovered her life’s true mission…

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Tiki & Fari's Suite

Left to fend for himself in this world, Tiki somehow snuck his way into the service of the legendary huntsman Harry. And it wasn’t long before the crafty and determined young lad had snuck into everyone’s hearts as well…

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Hilda & Nora's Suite

Wherever she found herself, there was much intrigue around Hilda’s life, for it was anything but conventional. Luckily, Harry and Emily paid no mind to the convention and knew just the place for their new friends to settle…

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Larry's Suite

From the outside, it seemed that Larry had been given a few lucky breaks in his life. But truth be told, it was hard work, courage and gritty determination that earned him each of those breaks. He was just the man Harry had been looking to join his band of merry men…

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James' Suite

The youngest of the three siblings was always fiercely protected by his sisters and definitely a favorite in the rambling farmhouse. He had a knack for assembling and fixing machines, a love that would lead to thrill, fame, and adventure…

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Riley's Suite

Were they always to be competitors or was it inevitable that their shared skill and passion would eventually bring them together as business partners and even friends? Riley had won the respect of Harry early on – and he knew it…

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