Harry’s Suite


Welcome to Harry’s Room, our second honeymoon suite, the first being Emily’s Room which we showcased last week - take a look! Harry discovered the location of Emily Moon, declaring in a secret love letter, “My dearest Emily, I have found paradise…” Legend has it that he still waits for Emily on the banks of the Bitou river.

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The Best of Summer


Every summer has its own story and some summers (like this one) are so saturated with sunshine and sublime moments that we wish we could exist in their pages forever.

The summer of 2016 marked a beautiful chapter in the story of Emily Moon. Many memories were made in Simon’s Bar and Emily’s Restaurant over lazy lunches, sundowners and candlelit dinners.

The lodge was packed with travelers from near and far enjoying our riverside pool, walking through Emily’s grounds and paddling on her river.

Here’s a glimpse into summer 2016!

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Plett on a Platter

plett on a platter emily moon

Many of you enjoyed the culinary talents and tastes of our local food destinations and chefs during Plett on a Platter.

At Emily Moon we revealed some of our kitchen secrets, inviting the public to take part in an exceptional two-course dining experience, as our head chef Ruaan van der Merwe and manager Alex Olivier demonstrated some of Emily’s signature dishes prior to plating the meal.
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