Hilda & Nora’s Suite

Hilda Nora Emily Moon River Lodge


It was probably the deep need for companionship that drove Hilda into the comforting arms of Nora. She had inherited the farm and grown to love the life it gave her, although not that productive, being just outside the rich loamy soils of the famous southern Rhodesia tobacco belt. They had tried to grow cut flowers for the small southern African markets, but eventually it was easier to rent most of the farm to the Miekle family, who had made their fortune from the first chain of grocery stores and a hotel in what was to become Salisbury and much later Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. [Read more…]

Riley’s Suite


Now here was a natural, with an uncanny ability to smell out the best hunting areas and track down the biggest elephants in the Rift Valley. Harry always tried to steer well clear of areas frequented by this formidable hunter, as the pickings there would be slim.

Born and bred in Africa, life for Riley was never difficult. He loved playing polo in Nairobi, drinking with friends at the Methaga Club or flying his Red Tiger Moth over the Ngorongoro Crater, buzzing low over the heads of the fearless Masai tribesmen as they hopelessly threw their formidable lion spears after the plane. [Read more…]

Meet our Managers!


February 2016 will mark Alex and Candice Olivier’s two-year anniversary managing Emily Moon. This dynamic duo has taken our lodge to new and exciting heights. What you may not know is that despite his managerial role, Alex is an absolute foodie and more often than not can be found in the kitchen, joining forces with our chef team to whip up new and exciting dishes for our daily, changing dinner menu.
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