Tiki: Left to fend for himself in this world, Tiki somehow snuck his way into the service of the legendary huntsman Harry. And it wasn’t long before the crafty and determined young lad had snuck into everyone’s hearts as well… Continue reading Tiki’s story


Fari: If ever there was a cook who knew how to put smiles on the faces of a wearied hunting party, it was Fari. Never flustered or short-fused, he made it his life’s work to keep Harry in good spirits. And he knew just the secret pastry it took… Continue reading Fari’s story

Tiki, bright-eyed and sharp as a hunter’s blade, was orphaned early on in life by the busy guns of the greatest slave trader of all time, Tippo Tip. Tragic as his circumstances were, life on his own was a good training ground for Tiki, sharpening his survival instincts. As the days went by, he became a master at reading people and, in his astute observations, he came to the conclusion that the great huntsman Harry was to be his new master, setting his sights on joining Harry’s hunting party.

The young boy thus spent his days waiting patiently on the stone harbor walls in Zanzibar, his eyes darting to and fro on the lookout for Harry’s return from his latest hunting expedition. Each time, Tiki hoped that he would be called upon to offload the large haul of ivory, but over and over, he was overlooked.

Days led to months and became years, and Tiki finally realized that in order to join his new family he would have to try a new tactic and tug on the heartstrings of Emily – the dreamy country girl who had stolen Harry’s heart. He left the harbour’s walls and began patiently carrying her cameras and art materials around the exotic Tanzanian island, very rarely leaving her side.

In view of Harry and Emily’s heady love affair, played out on the balcony of Emerson’s and in the alleyways of Stone Town, Harry decided to take his sweetheart along on his next safari. Deep into the rich elephant grounds of the Rafiki Delta, they would go.

The news of their imminent departure reached Tiki, who had no intention of leaving Emily’s side and watching his dream disappear off into the horizon with her. He hatched a clever plan and stowed away deep in the hold of Harry’s massive show – only to be discovered many hours into the voyage. It was, however, far too late to turn around. Hungry and sleep deprived, the usually brave young man felt a moment of fear as his fate was being decided.

Luckily, Fari the cook was there to save the day. Soothing the tension and securing Tiki’s future, Fari’s paternal instinct kicked in and he took the boy under his wing. Not long after his stowaway, Tiki becomes a vital part of Harry’s hunting party and was tasked with being the gun bearer of the legendary hunter himself. Eventually, having learned all he could from some of the best in the business, Tiki would go on to become one of the greatest trackers this continent has ever seen.

Fari made the long journey down from Betuanaland, after his father was killed by a hippopotamus on the banks of the Zambezi River and his mother ran off with an Arab slave trader to forge a life in the sultan’s kitchens on the island of Zanzibar. Following in her footsteps, Fari found a job as a scullery boy at the legendary Umtali Grand Hotel. Fari was a fast learner and level headed under pressure. He had a true gift for combining flavours and a creativity in the kitchen. Hungry to learn and diligent in whatever tasks were given to him, he worked his way to becoming head chef.

It was here, in the dining room of the elegant Umtali Grand, that Harry’s chance encounter with Fari materialised. Harry had just returned from hunting the rare mountain nyala in the cold and misty Vumba Mountains. The trip had been a success, but riddled with unexpected delays and frustrations. Wet and tired, Harry sought comfort, warmth and a hearty meal as a reward for his efforts. Presented with his options, he settled on the Special of the Day – steak and kidney pie.

Fari had heard stories of the Huntsman. Tales that told of adventure and daring. Though he loved his saucepans and the expensive knives of the Hotel, something deep within him longed for the open skies of Africa. To once more cook over an open fire – it was so long since he had built a great big bonfire! – beneath a canvas of stars. That was where his thoughts drifted each day as he chopped and stirred, flavored and plated his creations. Somehow, he just knew: today, he must cook the greatest pie he was capable of.

When the more than generous dish arrived at Harry’s table, the crispy pastry hung like a suspension bridge over the bubbling stew, supported in the middle by a glass jam jar. Having tasted his dinner, Harry knew at once that finding the source of this extraordinary meal was imperative. With sustenance like this, no safari would ever be the same again, no matter how long or hard the day. And so Harry made his enquiries and was introduced to his future cook and right-hand man, Fari.

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